This is still one of the greatest moments in horror herstory imho! Alice is a shy, mousy girl whose mother died and has pictures of all her friends covering her mirror so she doesn’t have to look at herself because she has no self confidence or self worth. Her friend Kristen has the power to pull people into her dreams which is how she beat Freddy in Nightmare 3 but when she dies in the beginning she accidentally pulls Alice into her dream and transfers her powers to her. Once all of Alice’s other friends start dying off one by one by a newly revived Freddy she slowly begins taking on the characteristics of each and taking charge of her own life. In this scene, the unattainable boy she’s falling in love with is in the hospital and the last of her friends left alive, so she gets ready by downing a canister of sleeping pills and weaponizes herself with artifacts from her friends, pulling the pictures of them off her mirror as she does so, until she can finally see herself as the complete, confident woman they’ve allowed her to become! Then she goes into the dream world and kicks Freddy’s ass back to hell.


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