This is me, 30 minutes after one of the worst things that’s happened to me all year. I was minding my business in Starbucks, sipping a coffee and reading emails on my phone at a table. An older white man walked over to my table and sat down, partially pushing my things out of the way and saying to give him room. He didn’t ask to share to the table let alone say please, and laughed at me when I suggested he could be more polite. Even when I told him I was waiting for someone, he refused to move and even hinted that I should be the one to leave. He volleyed many dehumanizing words at me, finishing with telling me to drop dead. Thankfully, a group of amazing girls from my college who were at the neighboring table came to my defense and told him off. The Starbucks manager also acted wonderfully and told him that he was creating a disturbance and needed to leave or she would call the cops. He refused to leave or even move to an open table, saying that I should be the one to move. He did leave just before the cops came once he realized the manager was serious, but not before he told me that I should and will be DEPORTED. I asked him if he thought he could act like this because Donald Trump is president and he spit out an ugly laugh. Though I was supported by some great people and he had to leave, not me, I am so badly shaken. I have not been publicly racially abused like this since I was a child, during the Bush presidency, and I am feeling so shaken and hurt.

This is one of my best friends and if any of you white demons aren’t ready to throw down AS SOON as you see this shit happening to someone please keep your social media activism because you don’t even know.

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