One of the saddest things ever is how Patrick Cowley’s HIV & AIDS was misdiagnosed as food poisoning and doctors just told him to fuck off basically after not being able to do anything for him…he was only 32. He was an early victim of the disease and I think we often forget about the people who died of AIDS before it was fully identified. The posthumous collection of his gay porno soundtracks, School Daze, is one of my favorite albums EVER…it’s absolutely astonishing. Each track really feels like a lush story all its own…some have a really spooky, proto-goth vibe like “Nightcrawler”, while others, like the title track, really epitomize that old-school porno sound but it’s communicated in a totally unique way…”Journey Home” is probably my favorite track off the album because it really is a journey…it makes me feel like I’m riding a wave of power through a darkly shaded forest with all kinds of secret occult sex rituals going on, seen through dew-covered cobwebs spun on the the leaves. RIP Patrick Cowley…I can only imagine the further amazing music he would have made had he lived…


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