I feel terrible I should care but this person ghosted on me/literally no reply 2 days ago when I was talking about the injustices of minimum wage and how fucked over we’re all being by LEGO and how much it’s stressing me out…because it’s easier for them to accept things like that than to “cause drama” and now I’m expected to care about their Hetero relationship with someone they don’t even have anything in common with and be surprised that a relationship with a white atheist is not totally working out for her…. I really do feel bad because I know objectively I should care I should be there for her I wish I could be but these problems are so like …. Simple to me I can’t believe straight people just date anyone and it’s so easy for them to find the next person and then they always want your ear about how it’s SURPRISINGLY not working out super well but don’t listen to you or even get what you’re talking about.


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