In the grand finale… I do think I like/would like The Love Wench and mostly just hate miss Biller. A girl just had to vent about it yesterday more than anything because I’m a brat and then it took off more than I thought it would because I’ve talked abt it in the past and gotten like 3 notes… and I do see the film through tinted glasses now but her craftsmanship, her use of the genre, etc are masterful in this instance and that’s a fact. I’m just kinda mind boggled at how she’s literally kinda extremely dumb. But whatever… im gonna pretend in this instance idk what she’s said bcs I do that with everyone else like… actually no I don’t I don’t think there’s such thing as a perfect unproblematic director and it’s so dumb to believe there is and I usually accept that. What frustrated me about miss Biller is the complete arrogance and confidence in her assertions that obviously have no research or real thought behind them… the only similarly acclaimed director (she’s just starting to be, he’s established, so it’s a loose analogy) in cult film circles with such openly arrogant stupid views (besides just questionable like most male directors – cult or not) is jodorowskeet who is a literal rapist and I will never support but miss Biller? Shes just dumb in some ways and mostly harmless bcs she doesn’t let that seep into her art in a way that’s impossible to navigate.. I wouldn’t even be that upset if I wasn’t so excited by the film and her for the past year before reading her blog a while ago… It was still good to air everything out.

also I wish I knew abt the thread @piggyolson started on letterboxd bcs it had everything I was feeling in it already and helped me sort out my frustrations and crystallize my thoughts more than anything.


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