First blog post

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


nevermind i dont like letterboxd theres too many people and im literally a shut-in i cant do this i feel like im being thrust into an auditorium im only keeping it to check in on noelle and her reviews but i cant see myself writing or following anyone new its really giving me anxiety thinking… Continue reading

doing anything adult makes me cry and being uncertain makes me cry and im always shaking bcs im so nervous and feel like i need to be obliterated completely from this earth.

In the grand finale… I do think I like/would like The Love Wench and mostly just hate miss Biller. A girl just had to vent about it yesterday more than anything because I’m a brat and then it took off more than I thought it would because I’ve talked abt it in the past and… Continue reading

godpenis: vixyish: forget-no-sleep: FINALLY One of the things I like about this: they’re doing it without shouting down women. Because “that doesn’t happen to guys” *IS* a feminist issue. Male victims of abuse being dismissed, blamed or ridiculed because they weren’t “manly” enough is a part of patriarchy. And you can raise awareness of that without dismissing other… Continue reading