Cadet Kelly: The Ribbon Dancing Is A Euphemism

childhoodhum: childhoodhum: booklandreeve: This is a pictorial ‘essay’ through which I am going to provide evidence and commentary for my theory that the Disney film, Cadet Kelly, is really about being a lesbian in military school.  Cadet Kelly stars Hillary Duff and Christi Carlson Romano, and tells the story of Kelly (Duff) who has been… Continue reading Cadet Kelly: The Ribbon Dancing Is A Euphemism

i also think i was overdramatic abt being frustrated anyone thinks its new or innovative when its like who cares (in this case it is new at least simply by the fact shes a female director with relatively feminist intentions even if her idea of feminism is……..wack)…. i get frustrated when people dont understand history… Continue reading

i hope anything i said yesterday didnt give the impression i absolutely dont think the love w*tch is good/bad at all………..i just dont like miss biller. just like i LOVE a ma soeur/fat girl but fucking hate catherine briellat’s brand of feminism…… like i dont think the love bwitch is the most radical film ever… Continue reading